Devils Fans Heading to Atlanta Game This Saturday (12/18)

Hey everyone,

I'm going to the game this weekend with a few people who also hail from the Garden State. I'm pretty sure our seats are in Section 122 (maybe row D). I've noticed a lot of transplants in the Greater Atlanta Area and I'm sure they are some Devils fans heading to the game (I went to both games last year and there was a good amount of Red, Black and White). I'm most likely going to get there early and chill out in the CNN Center connected to the arena where there are a bunch of quick eat restaurants (with beer) and stores full of fans before the gates open.

If you are a Devils fan in the area and have some leftover holiday season cash, come check the game out regardless of how the team is doing this year. Phillips Arena is a great place to see a game if you haven't been inside yet. Attendance has really struggled this year despite the Thrashers good season thus far.

If you're already heading to the game, let me and other fellow fans know. I'd be glad to meet up and talk about the Devils, hockey, and what not and cheer Jersey's Team on (7 game road losing streak). Use the comments and we'll find a meeting place.

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