New film features Hockey in Newark

Hey all,

I've been pretty silent for a while because I've been working on this new film currently entitled, Hockey in the USA - part I. Part I because it's only a slice of America, but it was done during a pivotal time. I went from Washington DC to Portland, Maine during the Winter Olympics to ask people what do they think hockey can do to become more popular in America. There was some recent press where I rant about how New York talk radio gives little voice to hockey in the area.

You can watch the whole film for another week at Keep in mind, the average internet video is 3.1 minutes long and this is 47 minutes plus. Getting some popcorn & a drink would be recommended.

You can see Devils' co-owner Mike Gilfillan and learn more about how the Devils support Hockey in Newark starting at 28:35. There's also a lot more the ILWT community would enjoy in the film, including Steve Lepore commenting throughout the film on hockey and the media and other New Jersey related HS hockey stuff in toward the end.

If you're attention span can't hang that long, try these shorter clips from the film:

Hockey in Hershey

Hockey in 3D - has Steve Lepore featured

The reaction from Zach Parise tying the Gold Medal game with 30 seconds left

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