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Talking Red Episode 9

David Sarch of Talking Red, Sergei Miledin of From Russia with Glove, and myself (of here) got together earlier this afternoon for this week's episode of Talking Red.   Episode is 42.8 MB large, 46:44 long, and consists of the following topics:

  • Thoughts on the 5-0 win over Washington
  • Thoughts on three much uglier games after said Washington game.
  • The splendid play of Johan Hedberg
  • A response to a question over whether the team winning without Jamie Langenbrunner could mean he could be moved.
  • And so much more.

A direct link to this week's episode can be had here.  If you use Twitter, please be advised that you can follow the show @TalkingRed and submit your questions and comments there.  If you have questions and other comments longer than 140+ characters, then please email the show: talkingred AT   Big thanks to David for having me on the show again; and thanks to Sergei for his debut appearance on this podcast.  After the jump is a streaming player for this week's episode.