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Late Night Shills

I've got a couple of things that I'd like to promote, too much for a single FanShot, so this little miscellaneous post will suffice.  But first, here's one for you, the reader:

Shill #1: Lastly, if you are reading this and aren't yet a member of SBN yet, then register a free account today.  There's a day wait for contributing at In Lou We Trust (and I highly recommend reading the rules in the meantime, they are on the left side of the site), but after then you can be a part of this community (and up to 284 others) instead of being an innocent bystander. Comment during games, write your own spiels as a FanPost, and put up FanShots of interesting Devils related things. I appreciate your readership, but you're more than welcome to be a part of ILWT in your own way.

Now that I've shilled registering at SBN and for ILWT, here's three more after the jump:


Shill #2: David and I will be recording the second episode of Talking Red sometime this weekend.  However, if you want to hear how I sound live (basically a lot more "uhs," "ers," and 150% more stuttering), then you only have to wait until tomorrow.  I will be calling in on Blueshirt Banter Radio tomorrow night to discuss the Devils in advance of the season.  The show will begin at 8:30 PM, so listen from then on and you'll eventually hear me say something about the Devils and (hopefully) something insulting about that inferior team from across the river.

Shill #3: Speaking of inferior teams from across the river, I can vouch they are represented in only 3 of the 26 Devils the Classic Games Library available in the Vault from NHL Game Center.  Not all 26 are pro-Devils, just games they are involved in.  However, they do include Martin Brodeur's 104th career shutout (12/21/2009); Martin Brodeur's first career shutout (10/20/1993) Jacques Lemaire's first game coaching the team (10/6/1993); the game where John MacLean scored his 300th (10/25/1995).  No, they don't have plenty of other Devils classics; but they may come in due time.  For what it's worth, there is one Colorado Rockies' game, the night Lanny McDonald returned to Toronto (11/1/1980), available.

Still, the NHL Vault is one more reason why NHL Gamecenter is worth your money, should you have it.  I've recommended the service earlier this season after trying out.  As full disclosure, I did get a complementary account from the league through SBNation.  But if I didn't, I'd spend on it if only to view old games in addition accessing games from the past 3 seasons and out of market games live through the Internet. 

Shill #4: Speaking of complementary, I received a complementary copy of the Hockey Prospectus 2010-11, written and edited by the people at Puck Prospectus.  Unlike most hockey previews, every team is profiled and ranked in meaningful detail, every player is analyzed through VUKOTA, GVT, and has a blurb, and there's even a series of articles going in depth of the advanced statistics used for hockey in recent years.   I got this complementary because (here comes more disclosure) I actually contributed to the book by helping Timo Seppa with the New Jersey Devils section and so was formally acknowledged on page 350.   Yes, the season is just about beginning and team previews have been out for a bit (like the In Lou We Trust season preview) already.  I still recommend the Hockey Prospectus 2010-11, since their projections and reasoning are based on more intelligent and logical analysis than most annuals.  You can find out more at Puck Prospectus; the book is available in paperback and in electronic format.

Now that I've shilled, focus will return to the Devils later.