Fire MacLean Official Thread

Yes I’m frustrated, yes I’m disgusted, yes I’m shocked. I’m not going to give you stats so the moderator feel free to remove this post, I will only give you my heartfelt opinions.

I’m disgusted with an effort that this – arguably one of the most talented team in Devils’ history produces. There is no style to their play, there is no flow, and there is no passion. They barely generate a half decent scoring chances, most of their shots are outside making the opposition goalie look like Hasek, Roy and Brodeur put together in one. They don’t have leadership, since their 3 most prominent veteran players might be as well not lace them up at all. Way to go Captain America: taking 3 penalties in a game against our archrivals and producing absolutely zilch this year. Way to go Colin White, you seem to be always one step behind the opposing forwards. And it breaks my heart to say this: way to go Patty, our $6 million man. Since getting the Hepatitis in Russia you never found your game and watching him this season it’s just pitiful.

I’m frustrated with out coach. He got to have balls the size of Texas or ego approximately the same size. Sit out one of our best offensive players because he disagrees (my assumption) with your coaching style. Well, can you freaking blame him? So far I don’t remember last time Devils were so offensively disoriented for the lack of better word. Putting the elite NHL sniper on 3rd and 4th line? I don’t expect Maclean to give Kovalchuk a back rub but you got to utilize the assets you have to the fullest and putting Kovalchuk on 3rd and 4th line - what a waste of talent. I don’t think Scotty Bowman would have guts to do that but MacLean does after coaching an astounding 9 games in his NHL career.

I’m shocked by us fans. I already see you guys saying: “Take a chill pill” , “It’s only 9 games”, “let’s be optimistic” Unless we’re watching completely different teams - this Devils teams is going nowhere. If they were hassling, creating scoring chances, played with passion, played with thought, some kind of style or a system – I could’ve buy into whole: “we’re unlucky argument” . But this team does none of the above and only little thing or two that they do well does not cancel out the whole lots of things they’re terrible in.

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