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New Jersey Devils at New York Rangers - Gamethread #9

The Time: 7 PM EDT

The Broadcast: TV: MSG+(HD); Radio - 660 AM WFAN

The Matchup: The New Jersey Devils (2-5-1) at the New York Rangers (3-2-1)

The Previews: My preview from earlier this morning can be found here. For the Rangers side, go to Blueshirt Banter. Nick Montemagno has a Gamethread up. Which reminds me: DO NOT GO THERE TO START TROUBLE. I know it's a rivalry, but be above that stupidity. Anyone from here who starts something there will get the same punishment doled out at BB. Warned there, you'll be warned here. Banned there, you'll be banned there. Simple.

Gameday Info: Ilya Kovalchuk will play tonight. Per Tom Gulitti's report, my reading between the lines seems like the scratch was for disciplinary purposes. Alexander Vasyunov has been sent back down to Albany. As noted in the Blueshirt Banter gamethread, Jeremy White was called up from Hartford to fill in for Todd White. The expected goaltenders are Martin Brodeur and Henrik Lundqvist.

Please use this Gamethread to discuss what's going on in tonight's game. It's OK to mention other NHL scores, but keep the conversation mostly on the Devils-Rangers game tonight. Given that it's a rivalry game tonight, let me emphasize that if you cannot play nice, you won't play at all - that goes for everyone regardless of fan affiliation. As always, please keep your comments clean, relevant, and legal. Most importantly: Let's Go, Devils!