Putrid Devils Attendance

So I have been to opening night and then also against Colorado last Friday. Opening night was technically a sellout, but there were a ton of no-shows, way more than opening night last year. That is a bit understandable since last year opened with Philly. My brother in law went to the Penguins game and indicated it was a lousy crowd.

The game last Friday against the Avalanche was the worst crowd I have been to at the Rock. I went to a comparable early game last year against the Thrashers and that was not even as bad as Colorado, and Colorado should be a better draw.

I did the calculations and for the last two games, attendance is down more than 13% compared to last year. The games are similar (nights and opponents). In fact this year of Colorado and Boston are arguable better than last year's Atlanta and Carolina.

That made me look up overall attendance, which can be found here. Devils are 4th worst in the league in percent of capacity, only ahead of the Islanders, Thrashers and Blue Jackets.

I really feel bad for the Team's management and for the players. The fact that the team took the initiative to sign one of the biggest free agents ever available shows their committment to this market and fans. Maybe the ticket prices should come down a bit, I have to admit I gulp a little bit at how much a game costs. But to be close to last bluntly sucks, and it makes our fan base look like garbage. Philly fans are always ragging on us at games about our crappy fan base, and you know what, this makes me think they are right.

Then read some of today's posts and the players actually sound more exicited to be going to Montreal to go play in a full arena (see for example Marty's quotes today)

I suppose this just a bit of a pointless rant, since there is really not much the members of this board can do. It is just frustrating as hell. We are asking the players to take a look at themselves and do better. Our fanbase needs to do a hell of alot better too.

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