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Game... Uh, I guess #42 again - Devils at Montreal Canadiens


Radio: Bloomberg 1130 AM

Previews: Fischer's is here. Check out the unbelievably intense Habs Eyes on the Prize for Montreal perspectives.

Update on the Postponement: Fischer has Tom Gulitti's update here, as the Devils and Lightning will play the remaining 29:12 of the game at 6:00 PM on Sunday. Also, just for kicks, Gulitti really lays into the team in a post that states the Devils still have a "Mickey Mouse" reputation off the ice. It is an interesting read, at the very least.

Further Update on the Postponement: John here: Adding to what Steve has, the Devils have announced the following with respect to Sunday's, er, game on their website. If you have a ticket from Friday's game, it will be honored for this one - it's essentially "free." Moreover, all ticket holders from Friday's game are entitled to a free game in the future. I think that's a fair compensation for what happened on Friday. But let's focus this thread entirely on this game, OK?

Springsteen Saturdays: After a strange one last night, here's "Darkness on the Edge of Town".

Mr. Fischer will be joining you in the comments. I'll be at a party watching the game, and will try to provide some thoughts in the comments when I get home. Da' Rules: all comments must be clean and relevant to the game. Tangents are acceptable and talking about the Canadiens or Devils in general is OK. But please do not use this for other purposes and to talk Bruuuuuuuuuuuce/make "lights out" puns. Above all, go Devils! I've come to bust you out.