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2008 and 2009 Community Numbers of In Lou We Trust

In the recap for the 4-0 dominating performance by the New Jersey Devils over the Dallas Stars, ILWT user Devil_Hard_Core raised this issue in the comments:

But a podcast would be very interesting. It would also take plenty of time. Not sure how many of us are registered on InLouWeTrust, but for sure your podcast would not fall on deaf ears.

Well, I'm still not at all sure about a podcast for a myriad of reasons I won't get into here (or in the comments, so don't ask!). However, I can and will answer the bold thanks to the help of the people behind the scenes at SB Nation.  They compiled the number of members, comments, stories, FanPosts, FanShots, and most active commenters by year.  They did such a great job, I felt it would be fun to share it with you all.

Here's how the community grew in this last year. And did it grow, with two new writers (Tibbs and Steve) being added to the site; as well as features on draft picks, free agent signings, player expectations, and the usual day-to-day coverage were done.  Traffic peaked just after the draft day through the opening of free agency.  Even with an increasing trend in traffic right now; July 2009 remains the best month in ILWT history.   As of January 1, there are 604 registered members of In Lou We Trust.  The detailed numbers are broken down after the jump (incidentally, ILWT started in November 2008 so it doesn't make much sense to include details on 2008 beyond the general stats.)

I thank each and every one of you (yes, you too, you non-registered readers) for your readership and continued support.  Continue letting people know what this site is all about as well as continue supporting the World Class Hockey by Jersey's Team.

Stats For 2009

New Members: 551 (549 excluding Steve and Tibbs)

Total Comments: 10662 (6426 from you, the users)

Total Stories: 837

Total FanPosts: 120 (93 from you, the users)

Total FanShots: 205 (41 from you, the users)

Most Active Commenters

User Count
John Fischer 2854
Steve Lepore 1358
Imperator_Celtic 815
Nothinggoespast 391
elesias 337
LetsGoDevils 308
R_Adragna 282
pepe22 268
Tyler Bleszinski 228

Stats For 2008

New Members: 56 (55, excluding myself)

Total Comments: 235 (177 from you, the users)

Total Stories: 55

Total FanPosts: 14

Total FanShots: 38

Again, thank you all for your support and contributions and continued support.  If you're an active user, keep on keeping on. Keep bringing the meaningful comments, the solid FanPosts, and the interesting FanShots. If you're not an active user, consider getting more active - there's no need to be shy.  If you're not even registered, then why wait?  Sign up via the top right corner button and join us at In Lou We Trust to have our say about the New Jersey Devils on the third best New Jersey Devils blog on the Internet.