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NJ Devils & Atlantic Division Weekly Snapshot: 1/17 - 1/23

The New Jersey Devils suffered something they haven't done since the middle of November: a losing weekly record. The Devils went 1-3 (or 1-2 if you consider the Tampa Bay game as January 8, though it was finished on January 10) and saw some of their lead over the Pittsburgh Penguins disappear.  Not that Penguins fans should be entirely pleased as they got hammered in Vancouver last night and ultimately tied with the New York Islanders for picking up the most points last week with 4.  The New York Rangers earned 1 point out of a possible 6 to still remain a healthy 14 points behind New Jersey, the Philadelphia Flyers weren't perfect but the Islanders were so they switched.  Actually, the Islanders won both of their games: 6-0 over Detroit and a shootout win over Buffalo; they had the best week. 

Atlantic Standings

New Jersey 46 32 13 1 65
Pittsburgh 50 30 19 1 61
New York Rangers 48 22 19 7 51
New York Islanders 48 21 19 8 50
Philadelphia 46 23 20 3 49

(updated 1.17.2010 at 8:19 AM EST)

For the Devils, it's imperative this week that they get back to their winning ways.  They have one more road game before returning home, and that's in Long Island on Monday.  The Islanders are currently the hottest team in the East with 3 straight wins, so it's no gimmie.  Nevertheless, the Devils returning home should be good for them and if they can get a few wins, they'll still stay at the top of the division with a lead. As far as the Eastern Conference goes, the Buffalo Sabres and the Washington Capitals are only behind by one point.  I wouldn't hold my breath over the Devils remaining as kings of the East after this week unless the Devils roll out a winning streak.


Potential Points Last Week Conf. Position
NJD 8 1-3-0 1st
PIT 4 2-2-0 4th
NYR 8 0-2-1 7th
NYI 8 2-0-0 8th
PHI 8 1-1-0 10th


Yet, the team that absolutely needs to win their games this week is Pittsburgh.  You see, the Penguins' schedule gives them a big break with only 2 games this week.  Everyone else in the division has 4.  If the Penguins drop their games against the Islanders and Capitals, then that just opens the door for the Devils to increase their lead while giving the Rangers a shot at catching up. 

As far as the rest of the division goes, the opportunity here is huge.  Everyone has games in hand on Pittsburgh and right now, they come into play this week.  If I'm the Rangers, I get up from last week's results and start playing big because the two games in hand are this week.  The Islanders will still have a game in hand on Pittsburgh thanks to both teams playing each other, but it's important points for both teams - especially now that the Islanders are in a playoff position now.  The Flyers and Devils will still have two games in hand but that doesn't excuse dropping games of opportunity.   Time for all the non-Islander teams to get off the ground, sweep off the dirt, and get to winning.   Here's the how the next week looks:


1/17 1/18 1/19 1/20 1/21 1/22 1/23
NJD   @ NYI   vs. FLA   vs. MON @ NYI
PIT     vs. NYI   vs. WSH    
NYR vs. MON   vs. TB   @ PHI   @ MON
NYI   vs. NJD @ PIT   vs. FLA   vs. NJD
PHI @ WSH   vs. CBJ   vs. NYR   vs. CAR


The inter-division action heats up with the Islanders playing New Jersey twice and Pittsburgh once.  They'll be big games for them and if they want to turn playoff-whispers into playoff-conversations, then those games are important ones to win.  A statement would be sent to the rest of the league that the Islanders aren't the doormats you thought they were.   The big dogfight at the bottom of the division will be intrigued by Thursday's Flyers-Rangers game. Given close both teams are, the Flyers could see their way up from fifth just based on that game alone. 

With how well the Devils have played so far this season, last week's one-win result is no big deal because they've done well enough pull themselves away from the pack.  At the same time, the Penguins aren't that far behind and the Eastern Conference lead was never out of doubt for the other division leaders.   It will become a big deal if the Devils don't rebound quickly from the loss.  That said, I think they have plenty of games this week to get back to their winning ways and re-establish their dominance.