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January 8 Free Ticket Policy Poll: Is This Fair Compensation?

On January 8, some lights in the Prudential Center malfunctioned, shut off, and due to the lighting issue, the game was postponed. The game was finished on January 10, as the New Jersey Devils lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-2. In an effort to make it up to the fans, the Devils have allowed free admittance to the completion of the game on January 10 to anyone who had a ticket to the game on January 8 and has offered a free ticket to a Devils game at the Prudential Center in the near future. That policy is still on the front page of the official Devils' site, here are the details.

Now, in my opinion, I think this is fair compensation for a majority of the ticket holders who were there on January 8. Those who were inconvenienced get a free game out of the deal. Given that the Devils are eating the revenue from a ticket, it makes sense that they spread the offered games around. I hope most of the people who were at the Rock on that night are aware of the offer and take advantage. It does suck that if you bought a ticket from another's account outside of Devils TicketExchange, you wouldn't get this free ticket; but if the Devils allowed that, the policy would be open to fraudulent claims. They can't individually verify who was there for a free ticket.

Now, according to the policy, partial, premium, and full season ticket holders basically would get theirs automatically in the mail. I got it today and I'm left with this question:

As a full season ticket holder, this is an extra ticket. I have a ticket to the Nashville game already - that I paid for. Honestly, I don't feel like this is unfair. I mean, what else could they offer me? I already sit in the lower bowl, I get the other perks of a full STH. So I'm not complaining. But I can see why full season ticket holders may feel unhappy by this. So I ask, is this fair compensation for someone who is a full STH? Should I raise this question to the Devils organization?

Incidentally, The ticket I got is for a Friday night game against Nashville on February 12. Not bad. Friday night and against a good opponent. The problem: it's in section 2, row 22, seat 8. It's not even in the same section as I am and it's farther back. By all means, I'll take it and give it to someone (personally, not here), but should I even bother asking if the seat can be moved?

So I put it to you, the community. Given that marketing is always an issue that gets people talking on ILWT, this is a fair issue to bring up in my view. Is a free ticket fair compensation for what happened on January 8? Is it fair for most, but not all (and if you feel that way, what would you like instead?) Maybe it's just not fair and I'm off base? I'm putting it to a poll for a quick opinion. After a jump is the letter I got with the ticket, which features an apology and an assurance the problem has been fixed.

To Our Most Valued Fans:

Once again, we would like to apologize for any inconvenience the loss of power during the January 8, 2010 game may have caused you.

We have spent countless hours on two issues. First, our operations staff has diagnosed the problem that occurred that evening and has made the appropriate repairs to the system to be sure we do not experience the problem again. Second, we wanted the process of obtaining your free ticket to be as simple as possible. Therefore, we have enclosed a free ticket for each seat you hold on your account with us.

We hope you are able to bring family, friends, clients, and/or co-workers with you, so they too can enjoy one of the most exciting seasons in Devils history.

Please remember, if you sold your tickets for the January 8 game, the holder of that ticket will not be entitled to a free ticket. You may wish to make appropriate accommodations directly with that person.

For your convenience, we have established a "hot line" email address that will promptly respond to any questions you may have (january8 at newjerseydevils dot com)

Our most sincere thanks for being a loyal fan and passionate follower of Devils hockey.



Jeff Vanderbeek

Well, I think this is a good letter from the organization and I'm sure they are taking every step to make sure they don't have to do another one in the future. Thoughts?