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New Jersey Devils Promotional Schedule Released

The season is upon us.  If you're a season ticket holder, like me, you may have already got your tickets by now.  If not, then individual tickets will go on sale this Wednesday according to the official Devils website. The box office prices that first came out in March when season ticket offers were first presented appear to have stayed the same.  I've went through each section to note the difference - be it savings or an increase - from the 2008-09 prices to the 2009-10 prices back then.  It's still holds true so I recommend checking that out.  The short version is that unless you're in the upper balcony on the sides, you're likely to spend less on tickets this season - but not nearly as much as those of us with season ticket prices.

I just got a letter from the organization - sent to all season ticket holders, I imagine - revealing their promotional schedule for home games this season.   There are a total of 14 dates on the list, representing 34% of all Devils home games.  Some are charitable, such as Toys for Tots and the annual Coat Drive.   Others are traditional give-aways like a baseball cap, youth hockey jersey, or a puck.  And a few honor the past, such as the already-revealed throwback jerseys to be worn on March 17 as well as games that honor the 3 Stanley Cup championship teams.   The latter is particularly inspired given that those teams will be honored as the Devils host the opponents that they beat in the Stanley Cup Final in their respective years.

Most of the promotions - 9 to be exact - before 2010.  I figure that is to try and boost attendance early in the season. This fits in with owner Jeff Vanderbeek's theory that attendance picks up from late December onwards, so we'll see if it has an impact or not.  For the Devils' sake, I hope it does.

The only headscratcher I see here is the first one for Championship Plaza Ribbon Cutting outside of the Rock; and that's only because it's at 2 PM.  The season opener against Philadelphia is at 7 PM, so I openly wonder what one can do for the three and a half hours before the Rock opens up.  Party at the plaza? Explore Newark?  Ideas, anyone?

Date Opponent Promotion (for all fans unless otherwise noted)
10/3/2009 Philadelphia Championship Plaza Ribbon Cutting at 2 PM
Magnetic Schedule
10/16/2009 Atlanta Calendar
11/11/2009 Anaheim Honoring 2003 Stanley Cup Champions
11/14/2009 Washington Charity - Canned Food Drive
11/28/2009 NY Islanders Youth Hockey Jerseys for Ages 13 and Under
12/4/2009 Tampa Bay Charity - Toys for Tots
12/5/2009 Detroit Honoring 1995 Stanley Cup Champions
12/18/2009 Ottawa Charity - Coat Drive
12/30/2009 Pittsburgh Puck
1/5/2010 Dallas Honoring 2000 Stanley Cup Champions
2/12/2010 Nashville Baseball Cap
3/17/2010 Pittsburgh Devils to wear Throwback Jerseys
4/10/2010 NY Islanders Fan Appreciation Weekend Pt. 1
4/11/2010 Buffalo Fan Appreciation Weekend Pt. 2