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New Jersey Devils vs. Philadelphia Flyers GameThread - 9/26/2009

Today's preview (or just scroll down) has the expected lineup for the Devils tonight. It's closer to a full-strength lineup given the available players, which makes sense as the regular season is only a week away. Again, tonight's goal is for the veterans to get closer to being in regular season form and for certain Devils to perform well in trying to earn a now-rare spot on the New Jersey Devils.

Tonight's game will not be televised, but will be streaming audio from the game. This is not WFAN the radio station, this is only available online. If, for whatever reason, you want to hear the Flyers radio announcers and their feed, you can do so at To follow the game from the Flyers' perspective, Broad Street Hockey is your best bet. For the Devils' perspective, keep it here amongst your brothers and sisters in supporting the New Jersey Devils hockey club.

I'll be at the game myself, so I expect you all to follow the rules and discuss the game in a clean, reasonable, and legal manner. Rec the good comments, flag the bad ones, and feel free to express how you feel about what you're hearing tonight. I'll see you all later tonight with a recap (and to clean up any messes). Go Devils!