SI: Nicklas Lidstrom NHL Player of 2000s, Martin Brodeur Second


Honestly, I don't fault SI for going with Lidstrom over Brodeur. Both won 2 Cups in this decade, both are cornerstones of their respective franchises' success, both have won awards, both are Olympic gold medalists, and both are sure-fire, first-ballot Hall of Fame players when it's all said and done. Martin Brodeur is one of the greatest goaltenders ever. Yet, Lidstrom just commands entire games from the blueline and has won 6 Norris for his efforts - clearly the best defenseman of his generation and he's been doing it for well over a decade. It's mind-boggling how good he is. I love Marty, but there is no shame in finishing behind Nicklas Lidstrom. It really is an honor to be seriously considered. Hat tip to Puck Daddy for this story.