The 2009 In Lou We Trust Feedback/Complaint Station

As veterans officially report for physicals today for the New Jersey Devils' training camp, now is a good time to bring up the issue of feedback.  Training camp and preseason are traditionally times where we focus on players looking to earn or keep a spot on the NHL team, demonstrating their progress in their development, and making their case to be kept within the organization.

At the same time, I would like to know what you think should be done here to make this a better blog.  The New Jersey Devils are a World Class hockey team.  Therefore, the team deserves a World Class blog about them.  But I can't be fully sure how to make that happen without your opinion.  

Now, there will be some additions and changes soon enough.  I just want to make sure there isn't something blindingly obvious that I'm missing that you'd want to see.  Therefore, I want you to make your suggestions and thoughts about this site and what would like to see here at In Lou We Trust.   Feel free to even complain about the site, perhaps you have a point that many others may share. 

If you don't feel comfortable putting it into a comment, feel free to e-mail me your thoughts.  And of course, nothing you say here will be held against you elsewhere unless you are outright breaking the rules. Some more detailed questions and some site information come after the jump.

For reference, since the opening of ILWT here at SBNation, there have been 149,897 visitors and 254,003 page views.  Here's how it broke down by month.  Apparently, the draft, Brent Sutter quitting on the Devils, free agency, and the hiring of Jacques Lemaire led to the most visits and page views in late June and in July overall.  Hopefully, this will carry through the season when the Devils are playing (and winning) hockey games.  Your suggestions could make this site even bigger - again a World Class blog for a World Class hockey team.


Here are a few questions to consider in case you're not sure what to suggest.  Feel free to bring up anything else about the site that you'd like to talk or complain about.

  • Do you prefer reading about my (or any of the writer's) reactions to Devils news; or do you just want the news presented so you can just comment on them?
  • Time from time, I jump on a topic and delve into some stats, such as the Devils' power play or what penalties are being taken by a certain player. Would you want to see more of these or less of these?
  • Comments are not as prolific as on other sites, even though I feel the quality of the comments are pretty good here.  I make a point of it to read as many, if not all, comments made. Do I need to be less responsive to them and just "let them grow," or is it best that I (or someone else) respond to them?  Is there something else going on discouraging comments?  
  • Should I put myself out there? I have no problem meeting anyone at a game - provided things don't too awkward or weird.   But would there be any interest?

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