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Why Are You a Fan of the New Jersey Devils?

This will be the weekend's post; unless something big happens between now and Monday afternoon.  The topic is pretty straight forward: I want to know why are you a fan of the New Jersey Devils.

Is it because they are the local hockey team, not just playing in but also representing New Jersey?  Is it because you enjoyed going to games or seeing early Devils perform well, leading to your fandom?   Is it because they are the second most successful team in the NHL since 1994, and you are proud to witness their success over these years?  Is it because of a current player (e.g. Patrik Elias, Martin Brodeur, Zach Parise)?   Is it because competitive hockey at its highest level stirs the passion in your heart and the New Jersey Devils are the catalyst for the burning emotions within?  Some of these reasons?  All of these reasons? Something different and/or more sentimental?

Whatever it is, I want to know why you support the world-class New Jersey hockey club, the Devils.   I don't just find how players perform in various interesting; but I am geniuinely interested as to why others are interested in the Devils.  This can be about how you became a fan of the team, and/or why you still are a fan of the team.  Let me know in the comments, by e-mail, or even through Twitter via @JKFischer.

ALSO: I also would like to know how you would convince someone else - assume they would interested in hockey - to be a Devils fan.   This is a very important related question.   Fandom can be shared, so how would you go about it? Again, leave your suggestions in the comments below.