Hello all,

I have been a Devil's fan for years, yet only recently found this site. This is my first post.

After seeing this post by NJMetal15, I decided to post a possible line combination of my own, based on what's been said by Lou, previous lines that have worked, etc.


1. Parise - Zajac - Langenbrunner (Did anyone guess that?)

2. Elias - Rolston - Clarkson (I know that many of you are questioning if Clarkson should be on the second line, but Lou did say that he has to get more ice time, and what would work better than moving him up a line? I'm sure that his numbers would improve, and that he would blossom if he played with Rolston and Elias.)

3. Pandolfo - Pelley - prospect? (This assumes that Pelley plays as well as Lou expects him to. The question is which prospect will make it to this slot)

4. Shanahan/prospect? - Zubrus - Pikkarainen (Pikkarainen looks like he would be a good fit on a hard hitting fourth line, and Shanahan [if resigned] would bring needed leadership to the team. If not, a prospect would work here as well.)


Leblond, Bergfors, Vasyunov, Halischuck


1. Martin - Oduya (Who else?)

2. Mottau - White (It would be nice to trade for or sign a true second line d-man (or even better if Corrente fills the role), but White works for now)

3. Greene - Salvador (Corrente?)




1. Brodeur (duh.)

2. We need to sign someone (I don't want Frazee to be rushed into the NHL, and think it would be best if he spent at least one more year in the AHL)

2. Yann Danis (His signing came after I posted this)(What I said about Frazee still stands)



Please feel free to comment with your suggested changes, or what you think I got completely wrong.

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