Re-Draft of the NHL: Niklas Backstrom for the Devils, 21st overall


James at Cycle Like the Sedins is running an entire re-draft of the NHL, with various bloggers representing the 30 teams in the NHL. As you may expect, I am representing the Devils. Since this is for fun, I'll probably update my picks in these nice FanShots unless I feel the need to justify my pick. My first pick was for Backstrom as I like my #1 goalies to be able to play well for more than 62 games or so. He's been absolutely solid the last few years and after Brodeur, I am glad he was there at goalie. Top scoring will be available early in the second round anyhow. Many of the other SBN folks are in this draft. It is a bit silly as RudyKelly pointed out; but it's fun to see where a group of people rates just about everyone in the NHL. (e.g. dagmar27 of Raw Charge highly overrating Henrik Lundqvist)