The morning after

As the dust has settled here is a possible look at next year and who I think might be signed in the next few days. (Based on nothing but my own opinion)

Parise- Zajac- Langs Cap hit: 3.125 + 2.5 + 2.8 = 8.425 (Assume Zajac for 2.5)

Elias - Rolston - Bergfors Cap hit: 6 + 5.062 + 0.818 = 11.88

Shanny - Zubrus - Clarkson Cap hit: 0.8 + 3.4 + 0.8375 = 5.0375 (Assume Shanny for 0.8)

Pandolfo - Pelley - Halischuk Cap hit: 2.5 + 0.55 + 0.875 = 3.925

Martin - Oduya Cap hit: 3.83 + 3.5 = 7.33

Mottau - White Cap hit: 0.762 + 3 = 3.762

Greene - Salvador Cap hit: 0.7375 + 2.9 = 3.6375

Brodeur - Back-up Cap hit: 5.2 + 1.0 = 6.2 (Assumed backup no more than 1mil)

Total Cap hit: 50.197 (all number from

I know people hate the idea of Rolston being a center and that we need to sign a center but if we truly want to go with the idea of Bergfors getting a shot then he has to play right wing on the second line. Where else would he go? If you sign a center and keep Bergfors on the right wing where does Rolston go? I believe that most were in agreement that he was misused on the third line last year. There is also a lack of quality centers this offseason.

Maybe what is more likely to happen is they try Bergfors and if it doesn't work out then they make a trade for a rental. UFA Centers next year: Jokinen, Savard, Marleau

Defense: Zubov, Schnieder, Leopold

Not first pairing names, nor should they play there. Compare those three to Mottau, "if we can get better we will" and I would say those three are better than Mottau. If those three can't be had for 1 year deals for cheap then I think Lou is comfortable with who he has.

Back-up goalies: Niittymaki, Fernandez, Raycroft

Most fans are in agreement that Brodeur can not be playing 70+ games anymore. We needed a backup that can play 25-30 games a year. As we saw this year we need some insurance for injuries also. I think that musical chairs game of goalies will eventually end and one of these three might not have a seat and would be willing to play backup rather than not play at all. Again only 1 year deals for cheap. When Lou says he will decide if Frazee is ready in the next week that really means who will left over in a week and desperate enough to backup Brodeur. Shouldn't they know by now if Frazee is ready? What will really change in a week?

Remember no big salaries come off the books next offseason besides Martin. The cap will drop so figure how much it will drop by and then add 2 million because that is probably the raise for Martin. That total number is at least how far below the cap we need to be compared to this year. If you figure this years budget for the Devils to be 55 million, subtract 2 for Martin and that leaves 53 million. Then maybe a cap drop of 2-3 million and that leaves 50-51 million which isn't to far off from the above number.

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