2009 NHL Free Agency: Open Thread for Devils & NHL

This is a (mighty) open thread where you can discuss all the non-Devils related trades and signings, as well as your thoughts about what's going on! Offer your feelings about what the Devils should do. Or just laugh at whatever team makes a stupid overpayment for a player. As always, the rules apply.

Put all your breaking news here - just make sure you link to a source that says this. is a source, the team's site is a source, a major news site is a source, etc. HockeyBuzz or a message board post isn't a source.

I'll be live on Twitter at well - jkfischer, follow me for immediate and off-the-cuff light commentry about, well, anything. But I highly recommend following the following actual NHL insiders and reporters like: Darren Dreger, Craig Custance, and Pierre LeBrun.

For real-time links to articles, Tibbs put up two lists on his site for that. I tried to get them to work here, but no dice. So go here for real-time Devils articles and go here for real-time NHL articles. He did a good job getting these together on short notice, so check it out and hopefully it'll work well. If it doesn't, hey, we'll get the important stuff through somehow.

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