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Devils at the 2009 NHL Entry Draft: First Round Open Thread

This is an OPEN THREAD for the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.  This is a place where you can leave all your comments, thoughts, and quips about what's going on in the first round tonight.   This is for all teams, so do not just limit yourself to the Devils.   Comment about trades, speculation, thoughts about the players selected, thoughts about who made a dumb decision passing over a player, Pierre McGuire being an annoying MONSTER,  (UPDATE: and the salary cap was finally  announced: max is $56.8 million - feel free to talk about that too.) etc.   It's all good in this thread as long as it's tangibly related to what's going on in this Draft.

Time: 7 PM EST

TV: Versus in the US, TSN in Canada.

If you don't have a TV, go to and follow the draft tracker.  

If you're in the Newark area or able to get there, come on down to the Devils Draft Party and watch it with hundreds of hockey goons fans like myself. It'll be cool.

Remember: The Devils pick 23rd Overall.  Here's that link to the primer that I had last night for all kinds of info.

Please keep all comments clean, please don't post anything disrespectful or illegal, and please keep it all related to the NHL Draft.  Best comments will be posted elsewhere at a later date.  Enjoy yourselves and enjoy the 2009 NHL Draft!