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Happy Martin Brodeur Day!!

If you live in New Jersey, then June 18, 2009 will be officially known to you and I as Martin Brodeur Day.   Martin Brodeur will officially be honored by the NJ State Senate at 2 PM tomorrow.  State Senator Richard Codey has this quote from the Devils' release:

"On behalf of the entire Senate, we're proud to honor Marty Brodeur as our 'adopted son,' said Senator Richard Codey. "He has kept Devils fans entertained for nearly 20 years and given our state something to be proud of. He's a first-rate athlete who can now claim the distinction of being in a league of his own."

Honestly, this is a massive honor.  Off the top of my head, I can't think of any player in any sport to be honored with a day.  Even if Brodeur isn't the first one, you would have to agree that this is certainly out of the ordinary.  And why not? Brodeur didn't get to be one of the best all time by being ordinary.   Yet another accomplishment in the accolade-laden career of Broduer.  (Plus, it gives us fans a special "hi" for the haters. When's your favorite goaltender's day?)

The Devils have got a "Train to Trenton" together for fans to see the event took place - and it filled up within two hours, per Chere. I'm not going (I definitely registered at those two hours), but Tom Gulitti will be there. He'll have you covered on tomorrow's events at some point. 

Videos from the Devils' video channel after the jump.

First, see some of the highlights of some of those milestone victories he has put up over the years.  You know he's the all-time winningest goaltender in the NHL, right?  

NJDTV has a second video that contains just great save after great save from Brodeur.  I would even go as far as to suggest that some of them are phenonemal.    My only complaint is that there is only one video; you could probably do 10 minutes of nothing but big saves from Martin Brodeur.

For more videos, the caretaker of Martin Brodeur's official site has several video links after Brodeur's historic 552nd career win and an interview with him for his 100th shutout. (You know he's also 3 shutouts away from Sawchuk's record, right?)

In my personal opinion, Brodeur is quite simply the greatest goaltender I have ever seen play the game, eschewing tradition and critics en route to greatness.  It is more of a joy, it is a blessing that I and all Devils fans get to see him perform on a level not achieved by a vast majority of the Devils - all for New Jersey.  Thank you, Martin Brodeur; and to everyone else, Happy Martin Brodeur Day!