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New Jersey Devils News and notes, June 10, 2009

Sizing up the candidates to replace Sutter - (Fire & Ice)
Rupp plans to test UFA market; No talks with Gionta yet either - (Fire & Ice)
Lamoriello: Search for Sutter's replacement begins now - (Fire & Ice)
Time has arrived to give John MacLean a shot at coaching the New Jersey Devils - (The Star Ledger)
Ex-New Jersey Devils coach Brent Sutter hasn't ruled out joining brother Darryl in Calgary - (The Star Ledger)
Poll: Who should the Devils hire as their next head coach? - (The Star Ledger)

New Jersey Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek is disappointed to see Brent Sutter leave but is ready to find a successor - (The Star Ledger)
Sutter bids adieu to Devils after two years - (The New York Daily News)
Sutter gets off Devils' hot seat - (The New York Post)
Sutter's exit shocks Madden - (The New York Post)
Free Agent Centers & the Devils: Sami Pahlsson - (In Lou We Trust)
Brent Sutter Resigns: Thanks, I Guess? - (In Lou We Trust)
Devils: Sutter's Heart Was a Long Way from Home - (Msgnetwork)
Sutter's Out; Who's in? - (Msgnetwork)
Sutter steps down as head coach - (
Could John MacLean Be the Next Head Coach of the New Jersey Devils? - (Bleacher Report)
Brent Sutter: New Jersey Devils' Coach Expected to Step Down Today - (Bleacher Report)
Brent Sutter likely headed behind Flames bench - (Belleville Intelligencer)
What's next? - (Edmonton Sun)
Sutter answers call of the ranch - (National Post)
Sutter resigns as coach to put family first - (London Free Press)
Ex-Devil Sutter a suave tap dancer - (Calgary Herald)
Brent Sutter leaves New Jersey; says NHL career not over - (Calgary Herald)
Devils searching for new coach, Uncle Lou has many choices - (
Devils Coach Brent Sutter Resigns - (
Off-Season Game Plan: Devils - (
Another Devils Season, Another Devils Coach - (Interchangeable Parts)