Chere: Dano and Duguay to do Ice Breakers with Sean Avery


There's not much with the Devils, so I'll pass this along from what I saw at Chere's blog today. Devils legend Ken Daneyko and non-Devils non-legend Ron Duguay will be doing a special Ice Breakers show taping tomorrow evening from 5-7 PM at the NHL Store in Manhattan. The show will air on Sirius and XM at 7 PM - something to listen to while you got a Game 7 on the TV, perhaps. Their special guest host? Sean Avery. But this is what's news: fans in attendance can provide their own questions to the hosts. If you have nothing better to do and you're in the area, maybe you have something to ask of Dano or Avery. I suggest being polite, but I'm not going to expect much.