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Devils Game 6 Will Not Be on NBC UPDATED AGAIN: OK, It's official now

I guess it might be good news if you already have plans on Sunday afternoon, but still, it's not really good news.  Gulitti reported today on what NBC is planning to do:

Although the start time for Game 6 on Sunday in Carolina has not been announced yet, according to the broadcast schedule just released, it won't be televised on NBC regardless of the outcome of tonight's game between the Rangers and Capitals.

In promoting a possible Game 6 between the Rangers and Capitals at 2 p.m. Sunday, NBC stated in an e-mail press release today that if there is no Game 6 in that series Sunday, "the Jeep World of Adventure will air from 3-4 p.m. ET and the National Heads-Up Poker Championship from 4-6 p.m. ET."

Wow.  This is the only playoff series where every game since Game 1 was decided by one goal, two of which that went into overtime.  It features two teams that are literally battling each other all game long, two teams with goaltenders who are playing great, and two teams that are leaving it out on the ice.

NBC doesn't want that.  They are saying "no" to this series. They don't want exciting and on-the-edge-of-your-seat-close playoff hockey.  They either want the Rangers or nothing else to do with hockey that day.  They'd rather have whatever a World of Adventure is and cards.  Cards!  I leave the opinion to you, the readers.

UPDATE:  Well, I feel a bit humbled. Gulitti has an update with more details about Game 6.  First, it's a night game at 7:30 PM.   So feel free to enjoy the gorgeous weekend in NJ that afternoon.   Second, Gulitti learned that NBC wants to show the game, but the local stations aren't having any of that:

From what I was told, the NHL and NBC would like to televise the Devils-Hurricanes game Sunday if there is no Rangers-Capitals' game, but there was resistence (sic) from the teams about taking the telecast away from their local cable TV carriers.

Versus would also have to be placated.

Wait.  The NHL and NBC want to do this, but the local stations are blocking this?  I don't know how the contracts are structured, maybe they do have this power.  However, I'm skeptical.  I also have a gut feeling that the dirty hands of Jim Dolan and Cablevision, who own the Rangers, are likely culprits in this blocking, than Fox Sports Carolina; but I could be wrong.  

My apologies to NBC for jumping the gun in pointing the finger, should this be true.

UPDATE THE SECOND:  Gulitti reported this interesting nugget from Lou earlier today:

UPDATE (3:30 p.m): Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello just called me to say that neither the Devils nor the Hurricanes have been resistant to moving the game from their local cable TV carriers to NBC. He also said he spoke with the NHL and there is "no time set for Game 6 as of yet" and nothing will be known until after the Rangers-Capitals game tonight.

Well, I certainly trust Lou here.  Huh.  So what in the world was going on earlier? Did someone at NBC jump the gun on the press release, and perhaps the statement about resistance was a cover?  Was it the stations themselves independent of teams? Either way, there was some mis-communication, right?

But whatever really happened doesn't matter anymore, fortunately or unfortunately. It's official, the Devils-Canes Game 6 is set for 7:30 PM EST at and because the Capitals rolled the Rangers tonight, NBC will actually have hockey on Sunday.