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What Do You Think: First Round

Let's have a quick What Do You Think.  The Devils clinched the Atlantic Division with at least one point earned against Ottawa (they got 2!) and with Philadelphia's loss to the Rangers.  They needed one of those scenarios to come true and both did.  Since Washington beat Tampa Bay, the Devils will be in the #3 seed in the East.  Here's the potential situation for the potential first round opponents.

1. Philadelphia - 43-26-11 - 2 Games Remaining: At Islanders, Vs. Rangers

2. Carolina - 45-29-7 - 1 Game Remaining: At New Jersey

3. Pittsburgh - 44-28-9 - 1 Game Remaining: At Montreal

It's most likely that it will be either Pittsburgh or Carolina; but Philadelphia could still slide if they get 2 or less points out of their two remaining games (not likely, but they didn't get the job done tonight).  Also, it's interesting that New Jersey has a hand in all this.  We'd love to see them go into the post season with a win; but a loss to Carolina would help them up and away from New Jersey next week. But here is what I want to know:

Who would you want in the first round for New Jersey and why?

There's not an easy matchup among the bunch, but no one ever said the Stanley Cup Playoffs were ever easy.  Share your thoughts before the weekend is up.  The best ones will be posted up later - potentially for a playoff preview.