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GameTHREAD 52: Devils @ Atlanta

A benefit of doing away game threads so close to start time? Updated news.

Gulitti reports that Kevin Weekes will start tonight! Not Clemmensen as I stated he thought in the game preview.

It appeared Thursday that Clemmensen would start tonight and Weekes would start against the Kings. Clemmensen was the first goaltender off the ice after Thursday's practice and when I spoke to him afterward he sure sounded as if he believed he would start tonight.

Clemmensen said this morning that I did not misinterpret him.

"Yes, but it wasn't officially said (that he would start)," Clemmensen said. "I made the same mistake you did."

Regardless, it's Kevin's time to shine tonight. Best of luck to him.

On the Thrashers' side of things, Mike Knobler of the AJC is reporting that the Thrashers are looking to use the same lineup as they had against the Rangers. That post has a fun comment where the Thrashers haven't scored in the first or second period of their last five games. Hopefully, Weekes and the Devils' defence keep that streak of futlity alive; while the Devils forwards make it rain on Kari Lehtonen.

As always, discuss the game here with a comment. Please keep it clean, keep it relevant, and Go Devils.