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A Bit of the Self Promotion

OK, I couldn't fit both into a single fanshot, so here is a quick bit.  The recap of the game is linked here, for what it's worth.

1. There is a new Flyers blog on SBN by Travis Hughes called Broad Street Hockey.  Go there, read it, and enjoy it.  Trash the Flyers a little bit, if you can.  Ask if the last truly great Flyer goaltender was really Ron Hextall.  But seriously, welcome him to the network.  And with that blog, the Atlantic Division is complete.

2. I am now part of a new feature at, called the Devils Roundtable.  As you'd expect, a question is brought to the roundtable, each person answers it, and discussion ensues in the comments about the issue and the roundtable's responses.  It's a pretty heavy crew: Rich Chere, the Devils' beat reporter for the Star Ledger; Greg Wyshynski, who needs no introduction; and Adam Proteau of The Hockey News.

The first edition went up today. I highly encourage you to check it out.