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I Welcome You Yahoos (and Other New People) to ILWT!

SBNation and Yahoo! Sports has recently started a partnership, and so there's a freshly updated widget at the Devils' Yahoo! page. For all of you who come from the Devils' page at Yahoo! and elsewhere, I say welcome to In Lou We Trust.

This is a blog about your favorite team, perhaps your soon to be favorite team, and/or the team you want to really like but you have yet to listen to your heart and stop rooting for whatever team who do you support now: the New Jersey Devils.  A quick introduction can be found here, but I'll summarize it for you.

I'm John, a hard core fan and season ticket holder of the New Jersey Devils.  And this is my blog about the Devils.  Trust in Lou Lamoriello.  P.S. I hate the Rangers.

Now, let's get down to business. 

This site is about the New Jersey Devils - analysis about the Devils, previews, recaps, Devils news, Devils stats, the atmosphere at the Rock, Devils prospects and such, and all that and more that I have yet to jump on.  Sometimes it's a look at the Atlantic Division.  Sometimes I compile a bunch of numbers and make a conclusion of sorts.  Sometimes it's a mixture of nostalgia and conjecture.  Sometimes it's a list of today's news links from Tibbs.  Sometimes it's just about the games. But it's always Devils-relevant.

The best part about this site isn't the sheer number of words I type up or what have you.  It's you!  Yes, you!  You are the best part of this site.  Without you, the reader, the commenter, the contibutor, what would this be but a glorified diary of a Devils fan? (Dear Diary: Travis Zajac is a beast this season and let me tell you why...).  For the most part, I post primarily in the evenings due to work.  And even later when there's a home game, as I go right to the Rock after work.  That's why the previews may miss crucial updates from Tom Gulitti and Rich Chere.  So most of the day is yours to be active on the site, really.

I encourage you all to be active.  Speak your mind.  Have your say.  Find a Devils video and link to it.  Maybe I made a mistake or said something wrong and want to correct me.  Maybe you have a thought/question in a comment will cause me to research something that could result in an informative post.  Maybe your comment will cause someone else to research something, make their own informative FanPost, and have it get recommended enough to be put on the front page.  Or maybe you saw a story mid-way through the day that you have something to say about it.   Or maybe it's something different.  The point is: THE POWER IS YOURS!

"And how do I use this power," you ask?   Niede at Hockey Wilderness has a fantastic guide as to how create, tag, and post FanShots, FanPosts, and comments. It basically covers everything that you need to know to get started. So go read it!

That all said, there are a few non-debatable rules to follow here at In Lou We Trust.

  1. THIS IS A CLEAN SITE: I'm not a prude who never says an expletive.  That would be hypocrisy cubed.  While I understand and appreciate the ability to speak however ugly as you wish on the Internet, this is not the place do it.  I don't care how horrible the Devils are playing, it's not allowed.  It ultimately undermines whatever point you're trying to make.  I know that kids, people at work, etc. read this site and I really would like them to continue being able to read ILWT.  So watch that language!
  2. SAFE FOR WORK. ALWAYS. Relevant to #1, keep pictures, video, discussion, etc. safe for work.  Maybe this is redundant, but who knows!
  3. RESPECT IS NOT A SUGGESTION:  You know how there's at least a few Rangers fans at every Devils-Rangers game who start trouble for, well, stupid reasons?  They always get thrown out.  Disagreeing with someone and being respectful about it always acceptable.  I will not tolerate outright bigotry and the like on ILWT.
  4. BE SMART.  BE RELEVANT.  No trolling (seriously, why would you? there's so much life to live than to troll a blog), no irrelevant memes, and actually do try to be relevant.  If we need off-topic posts, I shall provide; but ILWT sticks to the point. 

To be up front with you, I don't really want to have to do a whole lot of moderation.  But if the community requires it, then it will be done.  Again, THE POWER IS YOURS!

Most importantly, I tell you all this because I care and because together we can make this the best Devils site out there.  Trust in Lou for the on-ice product.  Let's trust each other for the blog product.