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New Author; New Trade Deadline Source

I am proud to announce that In Lou We Trust will have a second writer. You may have noticed a whole bunch of posts filled with links over the past few days in the FanPosts moved to the front page.  Well, that man is Tibbs of Beast of the East.  He's primed to bring the morning linkage to ILWT for your convience and awareness.

So welcome Tibbs and feel free to comment on any of the stories he links to during the day.

Now, onto the NHL Trade Deadline.  That's March 4! That's a little more than week from now!  Where will you get all your rumors, news, and analysis on trades?  Go no further from SBN, because we have your hook up.  The NHL Trade Deadline Hub is up and running.  On the side, below the FanPosts section, you'll see a list of the biggest stories related to NHL trades for easy access.  Or you might as well favorite the site now for quick access.

Either way, I suggest you make like Apache and Jump On It:

NHL Trade Rumors and Hockey Blogs - SB Nation NHL Trade Deadline