New Rumor: Derek Morris?

Via Puck Daddy, Spector quotes Mark Everson in the NY Post saying that the Devils may be interested in Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Derek Morris (and debunks the possibility for Ed Jovanovski).

Morris is a two-way defender, and Sportsnet's profile describes him as having an "excellent skating stride" and a "booming shot from the point."  However, that he's only had 77 shots so far this season, 7 goals, and 11 assists; the production isn't wowing me.  Neither is reading from that same Sportsnet profile that he has a tendency to "lose his concentration in the defensive zone."  Most of all, while he's an impending unrestricted free agent, he's making just under $4 million. ($3.95 according to NHLSCAP)

I can see it being a possible move, but I don't see how he'd really be a big boost to the Devils unless the coaches can somehow turn around Morris' game in a very short amount of time.   It's still more likely than, say, Chris Pronger wearing Devils red.  Expect more rumors soon, as the trade deadline is less than 2 weeks away.

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