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Game #29: New Jersey Devils vs. Carolina Hurricanes

TV: MSG+ (which is available in HD - I didn't know 29 games in, this was confusing some people?)

Radio: WFAN 660 AM

Previews: Mine is below but if you don't want to scroll, here it is. For the opposition, Bob Harwoord has this short preview up at Canes Country. In case you didn't know, Cam Ward is back.

Lineup Update: Per Tom Gulitti, Rod Brind'Amour and Cam Ward will be in with Carolina, Sergei Samsonov is out; Martin Brodeur will start in net for New Jersey.

One Additional Note: Feel free to mention the word "shutout." You will not jinx anyone via In Lou We Trust. Also, don't whine about "jinxing." (I may include this note for every game prior to #104 so please get used to seeing it.)

Song to Get You Pumped Up: You know, it's time for a song from a New Jersey-based band. Here's Snake Pit off of "Ticket to Mayhem" by Whiplash. If the Devils aren't careful, they'll fall into the hockey equivalent of one tonight.

Please join in discussing the game in the comments, I will give mobile commenting a shot again. Remember the rules. Keep the comments clean and relevant to the game (GOOD: comments about the game, something you saw on the broadcast, Devils-Canes related talk; BAD: Excessive bringing up of Game 7, complaining about thrash metal). And above all, support the New Jersey Devils.