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Game #37 - Devils vs. Atlanta Thrashers

TV: MSG Plus (HD)

Radio: WFAN 660 AM

Previews: Fischer's is a scroll away, and check out Bird Watchers Anonymous for all your Hotlanta needs.

Lineup Note: Clarkson in, likely Zharkov out.

Song to Get You Pumped Up But Also Make You Think Deeply About Tonight's Game: AFI "Beautiful Thieves", which has been pumping me up in general lately.

Join me and iFischer in the comments. Da' Rules: keep all comments clean and relevant to the game. Tangents are OK. Talking about the Devils in general or the Thrashers in general is OK. Other games are OK. But let's not derail the thread to some "AFI was so much better in the 90's" thread. [Editor's Note: They WERE better in the 90s. Shut Your Eyes and Open Your Of course, above all, support the Devils!