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Lou Lamoriello's Acceptance Speech: Video & Text

If you prefer the text of Lou's acceptance speech into the Hockey Hall of Fame, Tom Gulitti has the whole thing transcripted.   If you prefer video, has Lou's speech (and speeches of all the inductees) up, embedded after the jump:


Lou went over the 4 minute mark for his speech; and that should surprise no one.  When you surround yourself with strong people and have achieved as much as Lou has done, then it's going to take a while to thank everyone which is perfectly fine.

What was surprising was that some current Devils showed up to the ceremony, some leaving right after practice and after telling the media that no one would go. That Lou knew they arrived and called them out in his speech, well, should surprise no one, really.  It got a bit of a laugh, even.

All the same, Lou Lamoriello officially got the credit he deserved tonight. Thank you, Lou.