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Game #19 - Devils at Philadelphia Flyers

TV: VERSUS (HD), with Doc, Eddie Olczyk and Bob Harwood. Look out for special guest Peter Laviolette on Hockey Central.

Radio: WFAN 660 AM

Previews: Scroll for Fischer's, and check out the Flyers coverage at Broad Street Hockey, which features some great stuff on Dave Schultz, who's being honored by Philly tonight.

Song to Get You Pumped Up But Also Make You Think Deeply About Tonight's Game: Jack's Mannequin, "Spinning". Fantastic piano-rock band that not enough people know the inspiring story of. Sound familiar?

Join us in the comments. As always: Keep the comments clean, you keep them on-topic (tangents OK, talking about the Devils/Flyers is OK, but I don't want to turn this into a piano-rock thread), and support the New Jersey Devils. Be patient, we're getting to the point.