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Your Weekly Metro Area Hockey Schedule


(Note: You may always know when and where the Devils are playing, but here's a guide to what other games you can see this week in the NJ/NY/CT area)

Monday, Nov. 16
7:00 DEVILS vs. Philadelphia (VERSUS HD)
7:00 ISLANDERS vs. Boston (MSG Plus HD)

Tuesday, Nov. 17
7:00 Washington vs. RANGERS (VERSUS HD)

Wednesday, Nov. 18
7:30 Dallas vs. Detroit (NHL Net HD)

Thursday, Nov. 19
8:00 DEVILS vs. Nashville (MSG Plus HD)

Friday, Nov. 20
8:00 ISLANDERS vs. Minnesota (MSG Plus HD)
10:00 Philadelphia vs. San Jose (NHL Net HD)

Saturday, Nov. 21
7:00 Florida vs. RANGERS (MSG HD)
7:00 Washington vs. Toronto (NHL Net HD)
8:00 DEVILS vs. Dallas (MSG Plus 2)
8:00 ISLANDERS vs. St. Louis (MSG Plus HD)