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Game #6 of 82 - Devils vs. Atlanta Thrashers

(NOTE TO ANYONE GOING TO THE GAME: Devils are doing a Tweet Your Seat Contest tonight. Check it Out!)

TV: MSG Plus (HD)

Radio: WFAN 660 AM

Preview: Scroll down for ours, and for the Hotlanta perspective, please visit Bird Watchers Anonymous, who also have an interview with Captain Fischer.

Song to Get You Pumped Up, but Also Make You Think Deeply About Tonight's Matchup: "Even at Our Worst We're Still Better Than Most" (Some NSFW Language) by Gainesville, Florida's Against Me!

You knuckleheads are on your own tonight. Fischer's enjoying some frostbitten failure at the Rutgers-Pitt game, and he's been gracious and generous enough to spot me his ticket. I'll be there in his seat. I will also be joining you for the recap, so if you'd like to talk in the comments section for that, I shall be around.

While we are gone, let's remind you keep the comments clean, you keep them on-topic (tangents OK, talking about the Devils/Thrashers is OK, but I don't want to turn this into a 80s thrash revival thread Bruce Springsteen lovefest gripefest about why The Hold Steady isn't much, much more popular whether or not Against Me! sold out thread), and support the New Jersey Devils. A win tonight would be oh, so nice.