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Poll: Wither Pandolfo?

BOLD UPDATE & AN ASIDE: Colin Stephenson has reported that Martin Brodeur's target date for practice is March 1 and Lou says he's still on track for that date. Consider this when we think about trades...

OK, so Jay Pandolfo is having a bad season and it shows. From what Gulitti has from today's practice, it appears that he isn't playing tomorrow against Ottawa. According to NHLSCAP, Pandolfo has a no-trade clause in his contract, so he's not going to be traded unless Pandolfo waives it. And I don't believe he will do just because he has recently been benched.

I think it's feasible that Sutter may want an extra checker in some games as opposed to Mike Rupp. It's also feasible someone gets injured or plays so poorly that Sutter may give Pandolfo a shot to get back in the lineup. However, let's make it a poll. And if you have any other suggestions or further thoughts, feel free to leave a comment.