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The Zach-Tastic ASG Thread

This is a game thread for you to post your thoughts, feelings, complaints, and anything else relevant to tonight's game, like the game itself, the production, the music, the commercials, and the whatever.

Me? I'm going to update this every time Zach Parise does something of value. He could be bad and cough it up to the Western All Stars all night long. He could be great and show the league he is a goal scoring machine. Whatever it is, I'll put it up!

Game starts at 6 PM if you're in the EST; it's on Versus; and so will be the Zach-Tracking, after the jump.

6:17 PM: Zach Parise has just been announced! To mild cheers! The game should start soon...ish.

6:35 PM: Not Zach related, but Tkachuk scores the first goal right through Carey Price's legs.

6:38 PM: I spy Parise out there with Lecavalier and St. Louis. Nothing yet...

6:39 PM: Parise with a killer pass to Lecavalier! And the shot goes over the net! Oooh...

6:44 PM: Parise with a shot! But it's blocked wide due to the traffic in front.

6:58 PM: Parise in the slot, but he fans on the feed. Oh well! About 4 minutes left in the first period at this point.

6:59 PM: Now I know why you can't see this, it's not on the front page! Fixed!

7:11 PM: It's the middle of the first intermission. The chemistry between Parise and the Lightning duo of St. Louis and Lecavalier isn't quite there. If one of the three decides to take some of those open shots instead of passing, they may be more productive.

7:30 PM: The second period begins with a wrap-around blind backhand goal by St.Louis. I didn't see Parise initially out there. He is now. Good, tight angle shot on net.

7:31 PM: ZACH PARISE SCORES!!!!! Parise moves the puck around in the slot, a blocked shot fools the goalie, and he roofs it for his first All Star goal!

7:41 PM: The Parise-Lecavalier-St. Louis line are starting to really gel. Beautiful triangle set-up, but St. Louis was robbed on the end of it.

7:42 PM: Not Parise Related: Malkin tosses it through his skates and shoots it in a beautiful motion. You can't see these in-game except on a breakaway, a shootout, or an ASG.

7:47 PM: Western Conference just tied it up at 7-7! I'd say Henrik Lundqvist has been a sieve, but some of those shots were brillaint. But Lundqvist is a Ranger, so I will blame him regardless.

8:00 PM: This period has been all about the Western All Stars coming back. Oh, Lundqvist s-u-c-k-s, sucks!

8:07 PM: We're now in the second intermission. Parise got a goal. But the East has been torched instead of doing the torching. I wonder how the third period will go?

8:38 PM: This third period has been...sluggish? The West has taken the lead 10-9. Parise (and his line) hasn't been a factor this period.

8:46 PM: St. Louis' ties it up. Parise skated across the crease before the shot; but it wasn't really a screen. Yes. I'm grasping at straws.

8:57 PM: The Parise unit closed out the final minute or so; but it remains a 11-11 tie after the end of regulation. It's time...for overtime. Wouldn't it be nice if Zach got the winner?

9:01 PM: And we have a penalty! In overtime! Time to see a penalty kill in motion!

9:04 PM: The penalized? Mike Komisarek! One of the few who didn't deserve to be in the game! Anyway, the penalty was killed, no one can beat Luongo or Thomas, so we're going to a shootout! Maybe Parise will be a shooter? I hope so! Maybe I can have something of substance to say about him in over a hour!

9:11 PM: And Alexander Ovechkin ends the shootout with an impressive goal! The fans are cheering...Ovie, it sounds like. He has won Montreal over. Parise didn't shoot, and it wasn't a super great game by Parise. He got a goal though and it really is just an honor to be at the game for a fun outing. And it was fun. Some great goals were scored, Henrik Lundqvist sucked, Tim Thomas ruled, and the MVP of the All Star Game is Montreal's Alex Kovalev with 1 goal, 1 assist, and the winning shootout goal (though Ovechkin's was more impressive). The fans are chanting Kovy, as they would being he's on the local team. That's it for the ASG!