Nicknames for the Rangers

To all my fellow Devils fans, I would like to wish you guys a Happy New Year, and hope your 2009 will fare way better than 2008 for whatever reason.

Now, just out of boredom, I have composed a list of nicknames we "bless" our rivals, the New York Rangers, with.  These are nicknames I have heard of from various Devils fans throughout the Internet, with the exception of one that I made up.  If you have a nickname that isn't on my list, feel free to mention it in the Comments section.  And now, the list:

  • Our Slutty Older Sisters (one I made up and, obviously, my personal favorite)
  • Our Hated Rivals (John Fischer's weapon of choice)
  • Ranjerks
  • Ranjokes
  • Strangers
  • Rags (another personal favorite, and very commonly used)
  • Overrated

Again, if you have one that's not on this list, do mention it.  That's all for now; stay Jersey and as always...LETS GO DEVILS!!!

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