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The 2009 Winter Classic!

What's this? This game doesn't involve the Devils!  But it's important, and frankly, really sweet that the the Detroit Red Wings will travel to Wrigley Field to take on the Chicago Blackhawks. 

The Blackhawks should see this as an opportunity for revenge, as they lost big to Detroit 4-0 on Tuesday.  The Red Wings should see this as an opportunity to further establish a lead in the Central Division.  It's a meaningful game and it's going to be great outdoors.

There's quite a bit going on the SBN Network and around with respect to this game:

Those at (Sam and Chicagokill?) Second City Hockey and Christy and Joe of Winging it in Motown will be at the game.  Christy will be/are a-Twittering at the game: her Twitter is Behind the Jersey.  SCH promises to put up...something during the game, I'm going to assume straight to their site. 

Al at Bleed Cubbie Blue is very excited for the game and provides historical perspective to the Return of the Blackhawks to Chicago.  He will be covering the event as well.

James Mirtle will be live-blogging this game with CoverItLive.  I may even be commenting away along with it!  And you could be too over at From the Rink.  So join us!  It's also going be simulcast with Puck Daddy, so it should be a massive chat.   

I expect an exciting game watched by the tens of thousands in Chicago and the millions across the world.   Maybe we'll see Patrik Kane explode for a big game. Maybe we'll see Pavel Datsyuk just take care of business. Maybe we'll see both.  Tune it to NBC at 1 PM - the college football games on then aren't worth your time - and watch the 2009 Winter Classic!