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Merry Christmas!

Rich Chere got the scoop about what the Devils' favorite Christmas songs are a few days back.   Tom Gulitti got the school about what their favorite non-hockey Christmas gifts were when they were kids.

Patrik Elias' website has a video wherein he wishes you a Merry Christmas and pelts the camera with some snow.

Martin Brodeur's site has season-appropriate receipes from his mom.

Kevin Weekes' updated his blog on his site and has this wish and news:

My hope for any of you taking the time to read this: You are able to enjoy you're family and friends, have fun, eat great food and watch as much sports as possible!

By the way... my Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament has been approved and will be taking place in beautiful Barbados sometime during this off-season, stay tuned....

Given how cold it is in NJ today, Barbados sounds good right about now.

Anyway, I wish all of you a merry Christmas, a happy New Year's, and, for the Devils, 8 points in their next 4 games (that is a big wish, mind you!).  Christmas card after the jump!