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Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a day count the many blessings that you have: not the least of which is being able to have the time to read a Devils blog.   Some of you may be with family and/or friends.  Some of you may go out to help some people out.  Or in the case of Mike Rupp, trying to help some people out but to no immediate avail (h/t: Gulitti).  Some of you may be doing both. And some more of you aren't in America, so you may not be celebrating Thanksgiving anyhow. 

As far as last night's game goes, my quickie thought really stands on it's own. The Devils seem to agree that what should have been a comfortable win turned into escaping south Florida with 2 points, according to Gulitti's post game quotes at Fire & Ice.  Rich Chere's take on the game at is particularly insightful, as he praises Brent Sutter for his work so far this season (deserved, considering the injuries) and Paul Martin for being so talented (also true).  The liveblogs of the game at 2 Man Advantage and IPB are worth your time to get a sense of how well the Devils were doing for much of the game - especially if you didn't watch it on TV and didn't hear Chico rant and rave about both team's performances. 

Regardless, as part of this day, I'd like to say thanks to the people at SBN for this wonderful network of sports blogs.  Thanks also goes to James Mirtle for bringing me on, and Tyler Bleszinski for helping me out (and supporting New Jersey).   Thanks to all the other hockey bloggers, Devils blogs and otherwise, who know about ILWT and have linked to it, rolled their eyes at it, et. al.  Thanks to the NJ Devils for being a wondeful franchise to be a fan of and for truly being Jersey's Team well before the marketing campaign. And most of all I'd like to thank all of you who read ILWT both back from Blogspot and here now.  Thank you, and enjoy the holiday.