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Game 17: Who Will We See Tonight

While the Devils didn't look too bad last night, it was a case of "good, but not quite enough." Given the Devils' recent woes - 4 straight losses and 2 wins out of their last 10 - that level of play has been their best.

The recent performances by the Devils smack of the Devils from 1997-1999 or 2001-2003 or even at times from last season. Games where the Devils would be good in net, good on defense, and threatening on offense. Yet, they are prevented from scoring goals thanks to amazing saves, amazing defensive play by the opposition, and/or amazingly bad luck among other things.

In all cases with both teams, the breaks eventually went the Devils way. I have to say, the Devils did play an otherwise good game of hockey and were only beaten by two shots that really would have beaten anyone. Unfortunately, only Patrik Elias caught a break when the Devils caught the Caps on a linechange and slotted it past Jose Theodore. The luck of the Devils forwards cannot continue to be this bad just as the Capitals, currently on a 6 game unbeaten streak, cannot continue to be this hot. Both streaks, good and bad, could end tonight. With the Devils having a back-to-back set with Florida and the Islanders after this game (as well as a 4 day break), a win now would really help them get their momentum and their season back on track.

The preview at is here. Feel free to comment on the game and I'll be at The Rock. I'll see you all later.